DATE: SATURDAY 21.09.2019 11.00HRS
Leela is both a boardgame and practice on the spiritual path.  The game is an analog to the spiritual journey.  Following the roll of the die (which represents karma), the player advances along the path toward liberation of the soul.
This game providing insight into our own consciousness and a key to divine knowledge. 

This game helps to achieve purpose, get rid of diseases and realize yourself at all possible levels. The game Leela is the greatest mechanism of breaking the existent stereotypes. It prepares conscience for changing and that means that it makes our mind and body much younger.

The game Leela : game of knowledge / Harish Johari, 1980.

Modern version of the game Leela (India) includes seventy two squares of the playing board with all its arrows and snakes which represent seventy two basic situations of Life open up the Knowledge concluded in Vedas, Shruti, Smrity and Purany. To play the game means to be in touch with the Highest Wisdom which is in Yoga, Vedanta and Sankhya. When playing the game you automatically move from one square to another where each square either reflects a certain state of mind or life situation. Finding yourself at this or that square the player starts thinking about the ideas and concepts connected with the name of the square until he throws a dice and moves to another square.

The creators of the game first of all have seen it as an istrument that develops understanding of the relationship between the individual “self” and the absolute “self”. Playing the game and looking at it from this point of view enables the player to leave all the illusions behind and see his life as a reflection of macrospace. The purpose of the game is a release of conscience from the burden of the material world and its reconnection with the Highest Mind.